New Online VSPEX Enablement Center for Partners + VSPEX for Sharepoint

VSPEX is the next generation of virtualized infrastructure solutions for the cloud from EMC and its ecosystem of technology Alliance and you, our Velocity partners. VSPEX Proven Infrastructure brings together best of breed components in flexible, pre-validated, and easy to install configurations that deliver predictable performance.

You can now easily access VSPEX information through new VSPEX enablement center to help identify the best solution to address customer challenges, as well other resources to support their VSPEX sales and development efforts such as reference architectures, solution overviews, training, vLabs, and instructional videos.

Additional VSPEX resources are at EMC Community. Also, read about new VSPEX for Virtualized Sharepoint



vLabs – Great sales and education tool, more than 100 self-service guided demos

Easy access to all EMC vLab resources is available from the EMC vLab Portal, which includes a consolidated demo library for searching, a reservation scheduling system, and announcements and links to other demo resources.

Access the EMC vLab Portal at

The EMC vLab Portal also provides the ability to localize the portal UI by using the “localize” option. This allows you to select a localized interface from more than 50 different languages.

Call to Action

  • Reach out to your PTC or PSL to learn how to use the vLab
  • Use the EMC vLab Portal application to search for and reserve EMC vLab demos for customer engagements
  • Visit the EMC vLab Portal often to check for new demos.

VNXe Express – common packaged configurations with very quick sales cycle


Express Solutions is a simplified selling approach which is aimed at accelerating the end-to-end sales process of EMC systems by making it faster and easier. The core concept is to support partners in quickly mapping customer/prospect requirements into typical customer use cases and then to common packaged configurations, which are easy to immediately quote and order. Customer collateral and sales tools are provided at each step of the selling cycle.

More information (PowerLink login required)